Neverwinter D&D Campaign Session 2.



It was the 19th day of Elisias in the city of Neverwinter at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. It was a bright but cold day with a fierce chill wind blowing from the northern mountains at the spine of the world. The party , a snow white Birani Bard by the name of Sharia, a 6 foot 6 Half-Orc barbarian covered in tattoos of his tribe by the name of Thokk and a 6 foot 7 tall Wood Elf Ranger by the name of Mila with her faithful badger companion Tommy and Bronwyn a Drow Rogue with braided hair and white skin, were recovering from their battle with the city rebels that ambushed the town guard upon the Winged Wyvern bridge in the midst of a protest.

They were approached by General Sabine, the leader of the Mintarn mercenaries who was now keeping martial law and order in the city, she wore gleaming plate armour and had long blonde hair.  She informed them that Lord Dagult Neverember acting Lord of Neverwinter and Lord of Waterdeep would no doubt offer them a great reward for slaying the leader of the rebellious Sons of Alongonbar, Arlon Bladeshaper. She warned however that time was of the imperative and if an opportunity and asked that the party aid her and her guards in searching for the rebels and their hidden base. She further added that she had no doubt Dagult would reward them heartily for not only slaying Arlon but helping the efforts of the guards. . The party were oddly dubious of this claim of reward despite knowing that Lord Dagult was one of the wealthiest men in the land and having just aided the city guard.   Sabine offered to escort them personally with her guard to the Halls of Justice in order to demonstrate.   Sharia said that hostages would certainly be to which Sabine quipped she’d like to see her try.  Despite this Sabine was still good enough to give Sharia a healing potion to heal her wounds, no doubt understanding the strain of battle was upon her and the party. The party headed towards the Halls of Justice they were joined by a Half-Elf, with scales of dragons upon him by the name of Varis.  He was one of the 7 drawn together by the five visions towards the city and felt the pain and fervor of battle.

The Halls of Justice is a dome-like building with a gleaming golden top, a monument to the now deceased god Tyr. Today in these Hallowed Halls his successor Torm is worshipped here. A broad-shouldered man with pumpkin hair addressed a large gathered audience within the Halls of Justice, many of these are dwarves along with humans and other. He extolls them to find the ancient lost city of Gauntlgrym lost city, rumours said he had offered 5,000 gold pieces each to the party who finds the city.

As the party enter the Dwarves are in the midst of singing their song. The same song the party have heard within their visions.

Silver halls and mithral doors

 Stone walls to seal the cavern

grander sights than e’ere before

In smithy, mine, and tavern

Toil hard in endless night

In toast, oh, lift your flagon!

Ye’ll need the drink to keep you right

At the forge that bakes the dragon.

Come Delzoun, come one and all

Rush to grab yer kin

And tell ’em that their home awaits

In grandest Gauntlgrym

Within the group of cheering, laughing and drinking Dwarves and men were a party of four Elves, who called themselves The Four Blades. They were one of each of elvenkind, a Moon Elf, a Drow, a Sun Elf and a Wood Elf. The party Drow and Wood Elf tentatively approached them and began the conversation, the Drow enquired as to their religious persuasions while the Wood Elf Mila discussed with the Moon Elf of the Four Blades Elthanor whether he knew anything of Cragmaw Castle. He said that it was a dark place full of undead creations now that may have once seated the ancient mages of the Metherese.  Sharia’s ears pricked up at the word of the Netherese mages and she enquired as to their whereabouts. Again she discovered that they were a dark, ancient, terrifying and evil force but insisted that she knew at least one amongst them who was good and could not believe what the Elf was telling her.  None the less he said that the Twilight Tower where it is rumoured the mages lurk emerges when Selune is at her brightest and lurks somewhere within Neverwinter Woods. The Elves themselves were boastful and saying how they were going to find the city before anybody else, including these dull-witted Dwarves, and claim it in the glorious name of their people and all the magic within. The conversation having slowly dried up the Elves departed, the Drow amongst them getting bored with such talk and they needing to prepare for the morning.

Dagult’s speech over, he sauntered towards the party with an eye towards his General Sabine and her men.  The two groups met and Dagult greeted Sabine with a hearty greeting. She told them and he congratulated the party for aiding not only him and his men but the entire city in getting rid of such a scourge on its stability. He gave Thokk a strong manly pat on the back and complimented him on his physique and he and Sharia flirted outrageously promising an interesting night time encounter to one another later this evening at the Moonstone Mask.   He of course said he would happily reward the party for their work and Dagult called to the bleary-eyed Soman Galt, a stooped Dwarven figure who appeared as though long ago he was strong and mighty, he is also technically the mayor of Neverwinter but worn down by his bureaucratic duties, who he asked to fetch the proper reward.  Dejected and mumbling, complaining about all the paperwork this would create Galt fetched the party 500 gold pieces each, with an extra 50 for Sharia for her eye fluttering.

The party sat down with Dagult and some fine red wine and discussed what they should do about the rebels plaguing the city.  Dagult suspected that they had a base within the black lake district near the sewers.  The party suggested that there might be spies in the ranks as well and that they could investigate these. Dagult stressed his knowledge that he suspected they were somewhere in the sewers near the blacklake district and that many of them had come from Phandalin.  Many of the guards were also stationed on the wall which could be a place to investigate and the party found out that Madame Rosene, the old woman they had captured in the protest who was now awaiting sentencing, ran an inn called the Driftwood Tavern which may further be a place to investigate the rebels.

Dagult offered the party 500 gold each to find the rebel base and oust them. He offered an additional 200 gold for each of the rebel leaders and 400 if any were captured and brought to him alive.  The party decided to search the sewer area and head towards the Tarmalune trade house and then Madame Rosene’s Inn the DriftWood tavern and hoped that one of these would lead to the rebels.

Thokk, fortunately, had a contact in the sewers. A troll by the name of Ugg who was living deep within one of the sewer holes covered in darkness. Although perturbed that Thokk and the party of little ones had disturbed his sleep he did tentatively talk to Thokk ignoring the rest who he had to be persuaded to even be let into his hole.  He said that he was eating some of the ‘little rats’ that came his way and he was throwing them into a big pile that they crawled out of.  This hidden entrance led to the rest of the sewer.

The party also had a guide with them in the form of Little Sharr, Sharia’s animal companion who knew the lay of the land when it came to the city sewers. With the mixture of the advice from Thokk and Little Sharr as a guide, the party found their way through the twisting network of the city sewers, doing their best to stomach the foul smells that emanated from within. The sewer water was spread 15 foot in the centre with five-foot narrow banks to either side which they were walking upon

As they turned a corner they came to a long stretch of sewer and to the left was a strong looking wooden door with a faded symbol of a Kraken upon it.  As they were investigating the door and testing its strength something stirred in the water, suddenly tentacles splayed out in all directions from the sewers and lashed at the party.  The party were, fortunately, able to spot the creature and react quickly. Bronwyn stabbed at one of the creature’s tentacles with her dagger and pinned it to the wall.  Thokk lifted his heavy axe and slammed into the beast causing it to shudder and screech out in pain.  Mila drew an arrow and fire it at the creature hoping to hit a weak point.  The creature itself lashed out with a fierce blow against Bronwyn who it smashed against the wall then grabbed in its tentacled arms. Sharia took advantage of the creature being temporarily immobilised by using an acrobatic stunt to walk across the creature’s legs and get to the other side of the bank. Sharia cast a psychic spell, singing a song that filled it with a sudden fear, it fled away from her as fast as it could which opened it up upon its retreat to the blade of Thokk who carved through it and dealt the finishing blow to the beast.

The party caught their breath for a moment and then brought their attention to the door.

Bronwyn picked the lock of the door fairly easily and then noted it was still blocked by something.  Thokk used his strength to barge into it and brought it down with a smash after a couple of attempts and as he did so a multitude of corpses, who were blocking the door, spilt out onto the ground.

Stepping over the dead the room they found themselves in appeared to be some kind of area of worship for the ancient Cult of the Kraken that once worshipped in this cold, underground temple. There were pictures on the walls to either side of them depicting various ocean scenes, sailing ships, dark creatures lurking in the depths, crashing waves upon a lonely lighthouse upon a storm, although the party could only make these out in black and white due to using their low light vision rather than relying on light.  A passageway led to a staircase which was conspicuously clean while much of the rest of the room especially towards the left was covered in blood and rotting corpses.  The stench itself is stomach churning.  Upon an altar, with two dead braziers to either side of it stood a statue of an emaciated man holding two scrolls which interestingly were not made of stone themselves.

Thokk bumbled into the room and decided to grab the parchment. As soon as Thokk touched it the statue’s eyes seemed to move and the scrolls flared up with a powerful magical energy that pervaded the room with a cold, dark chill.  The corpses in the room began to stitch themselves together and stir rising from the ground as they set their eyes upon the players hungering for their flesh.  The creatures proved stubbornly difficult to fight, although they didn’t. Cause too much harm to the players they did have deadly and infectious bites which drained their strength if afflicted.  Sharia was unfortunately struck by a crushing blow by one of the creatures that sent a wave of infection running through her that even her magic could not prevent.    

The party casters battled back, with a thunderous wave two of the creatures were shocked backwards by the magic of the Sorcerer and the Bard called upon her own magical energy from the weave to send forth her own blasts of thunder until both creatures were teetering off the precipes of the sewer.

Taking advantage of this Mila ordered her faithful badger companion to charge the creature and with a fearsome roar Tommy charged one of the shambling undead abominations and slammed against it so hard that it toppled from the bank and fell into the sewage and was then promptly washed away by the bank.

While this fearsome battle of beast and abomination was occurring Bronwyn and Thokk were bravely fighting the undead creatures within the worship room. Bronwyn was particularly adept, managing to slay two of the creatures with critical blows from her rapiers and daggers while Thokk merely used his brute strength to smash at the creatures over and over again and despite their horrifying ability to crawl back from near death, even with arms hewed off and stomach entrails trailing from the floor, Thokk was strong enough to just eviscerate them into bloody chunks with his axe.

The zombies slain the party took a moment to rest and contemplate what to do next as they were exhausted from their fighting this day.

What other horrors will the party encounter in this filth infested temple to evil?

  • Will the rebels be defeated?
  • Who will find Gauntlegrym?
  • What feats of strength will Tommy perform next?
  • Will Sharia’s flirtations come to fruition?
  • We will find out next time.

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