Stranger Things Review


This review contains some minor spoilers.

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original Supernatural-Thriller that centers around the search for a missing boy within a small american town in Indiana in 1983. It’s ultimately a love letter to the 1980’s from its creators the Duffer Brothers with its slew of references that range from  Steven Spielberg , Stephen King and The Goonies . This is coupled with a slick modern presentation which creates an entertaining and gripping trip down memory lane that’s not without its niggles.

You are slapped in the face by nostalgia whilst watching Stranger Things, it oozes out of every scene shot by shot. The most obvious reference and one that drew me in was witnessing the child protagonists of the show in their introductory scene playing Dungeons & Dragons together. I was impressed by the accuracy of the depiction as much as I question the effectiveness of a fireball against a Demogorgon I do appreciate the use of a real monster, with a sick looking and accurate miniature. Likewise the later references to the Veil of Shadow and how it’s described were spot in regards to the ShadowFell within the D&D multiverse right up to the little cracks in reality it leaves for characters and monsters to crawl in and out of.

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