The 529 hex Barbarian Prince D&D sandbox

In some weird fever dream a month or so back I spent a few days crafting a massive sandbox hexcrawl using the classic barbarian prince map as a basis.

Here’s a link to my version detailing each of the 529 hex’s in the map.

Here’s a link to the HXM file for the hexographer map.

Here’s the map itself in all its glory. All Hexes are 6 miles.

Barbarian prince Map

Barbarian Prince Sandbox Hex Crawl – 6 Mile hexes

This is a good map for OSR sandbox play. The game only lasted about 3 sessions before I realised I couldn’t commit to it, it was fun though, included a TPK via gnoll death on the trade route to the Kabir desert and a level 1 group somehow defeating 4 hill giants, granted with 2 deaths.

I used the great work in the hex hack here to begin populating the crawl.  I then added my own random generation via the table below and inserted my own dungeons and ideas into it. I made the theme near eastern/persian as it felt right for the crawl and I always want to find ways to put my classics degree to use.

D20 Roll





Unguarded treasure


Trap and unguarded treasure






Monster and treasure





Populating a hexcrawl like a dungeon actually makes the process a lot simpler. I simply rolled for each hex then filled that hex with a respective roll from a monster or treasure table. For dungeons I just picked a dungeon that would seem cool or appropriate from the one page dungeon lists ,modules such as the Tower of the Stargazer  or the Lost City and dungeons of my own creation such as the currently unreleased Flesh Mines.  Special was where I got to explore the weird stuff, this includes strange monsters from Lusus Naturae and Lovecraftian inspired oddities like a pistol weilding investigator from the 1920’s looking for his daughter. The weird generator here is gold for that.

Enjoy and please feel free to mess around with this, add details, strip things apart and have fun with it.



  1. Just, wow. Fabulous stuff, and thanks for making the map file available as well. Haven’t digested it all yet but a rich vein to be mined for my own games 🙂

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  2. Lovely. I still have my original copy of Barbarian Prince game, map and rules both. I’ve used the map several times for limited D&D games, with lots of success. My favorite tactic was to roll for random encounters via the D&D system and if nothing was generated use the BP generator. Many more encounters that way. Lots of fun.


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