London Shadow of Mogg – A Post Brexit role-playing game launches.

London Shadow of Mogg – A Post Brexit Role-playing Game is available now here.

London Shadow of Mogg is a rules-lite post-apocalyptic roleplaying game set in the London underground following a catastrophic occurance known only as ‘the event’. Players take the role of mostly ordinary members of the British public, whether the oppressed proletariat, a humble baker, a nurse, a fire fighter, a time traveller or the Chief Executive of RBS as they eke out survival in an underground society turned inwards against itself.

The game explores the ramifications of mob rule democracy, the frailty of hope and the banality of evil, also you can play as Candle Stick Maker!

The game requires only d6’s to play as well as a copy of the London Tube map available for free here.

This first Out Means Out edition is a once tested, entirely unedited, unformatted and unfinished version of the game.

I would rather die in a ditch than not release a game when I say I’m going to.

Poor production values are for ironic purposes and certainly not down to the authors chronic procrastination. Download at your peril.

Kindly send all feedback to me @lines_panny or email


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