Resident Evil 3 Demo – 90s video game review for real Gamers

Tired of video games looking at boring things like themes, structure,  making wider social commentaries or looking at games through the critical lens of media theory?

Remember the time before SJWs ruined video games?

Here’s a real review for real Gamers.

Resident Evil 3 is a video game by Capcom. It is based on the video game Resident Evil 3 Nemesis released in 1999 on the original Sony Playstation. The remake updates everything about the game, the sound, the gameplay, the graphics and the story.  The demo is approximately 20 minutes long.

In the demo you play as Jill Valentine. Jill Valentine is a members of the STARS police team who is in Racoon City fighting zombies, trying to escape and survive.

You have to play as Jill Valentine and do not have a choice of another character in the demo.

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The demo begins with you having to go through Racoon City which is infested with zombies to find a power source.

The game is not open world and you are limited where you can explore but there are multiple routes to exploring the city and the city feels like a city being attacked by zombies.

You can use a new dodge move to move past the zombies.

Zombies deal damage to you when they attack you. You pick up green herbs to heal damage. The damage bar goes from ‘fine’ to ‘cautious’ to ‘danger’ when you get attacked on low danger you can die.

The game automatically saves. There were no typewriter saves in the demo.

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The zombies are strong. They require many bullets to kill. If you shoot a zombie in the head it can die more quickly.  You can shoot them in the legs to slow them down and run past them.

You can find a shotgun which can kill a zombie in one shot and hit multiple zombies in its spreads.

There is also a grenade which can instant kill a zombie or stun Nemesis.

There is also a handgun which is your basic ranged weapon and good for killing regular zombies.

There are no defensive weapons like in Resident Evil 2 in the demo.

The knife does not degrade.

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The graphics look very good. The textures are clean and sharp and high resolution.  The lighting and shadows are very atmospheric. The motion is fluid. The game runs well on modest PC hardware.

The gameplay is fun and tense. You feel scared of the zombies as you cannot kill them all so must choose which ones you want to kill.

Resident Evil 3 has more action gameplay than Resident Evil 1&2, this is closer to Resident Evil 4 than the originals. It is still fun but some gamers might want more horror.

You have limited inventory capacity. This makes you choose between weapons, ammo, health and key items to explore the world.

Ammo is limited, you can find gunpowder which you can combine into different types of ammo.

At the end of the demo a large monster zombie called Nemesis appears. Nemesis is very strong. it has an attack an attack that can pull you if you run away. It also can hit you really hard. You also cannot kill it, only stun it with big weapons like grenades.

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Graphics 9/10

The graphics look very good, high resolution and nice.

Gameplay 9/10

This game is more action orientated, it plays well but might not be what Resident Evil fans want from a horror experience. However it plays very well for action game.

Sound 9/10

The sound is good an atmospheric especially with headphones.

Story 8/10

It’s got the cheesy Resident Evil story everyone loves, the characters are unique, the plot is linear but fun for an action horror romp.

Overall Rating: 9/10

The Resident Evil 3 Demo is a fantastic game on all accounts.

Please send my money via paypal Capcom.


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