Your D&D game is merely an illusion

“D&D is fantastic you have to play! It’s a game where you can be and do anything your imagination desires..”

“Oh cool I’ve always wanted to play , can I be a Manticore?”

“Err, well, no that’s not in the rules…”

“Oh.. well I’ll be a Fighter then…”

“Great, so you and the party are travelling along the road when a fearsome Troll jumps out at you, what do you do?”

“I throw my flask of oil at it and set it on fire with my torch!” 

“Ah, well you can’t do that that’s meta-gaming and you can only do one action in a round…”

“Oh.. I guess I hit it with my sword…”

“Now the Troll is finally slain, you see it was merely protecting it’s young of which the party Rogue is about to slay.” 

“I don’t think my fighter would stand by and allow such a thing, I draw my sword and point it at the Rogue in challenge.”

“Oh no you can’t do that, no PVP.” 


“So you continue down the forest path but it’s blocked by a river, the only path not blocked leads to the dark castle.”

“Well that sounds ominous, I chop down some trees and build a raft”

“Oh no you can’t do that…the trees are too thin and there’s no rope.” 

“But I have 50 ft of rope

“You need at least 200 ft sorry” 

“Oh so what can I do?”

“Anything you want bro it’s D&D!”

Copy of Untitled Diagram

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