This blog hosts my primarily D&D based RPG thoughts with an OSR bent.¬† I’m currently playing 5E.

Having grown up on a diet of Sci-Fi & Fantasy literature , card & boardgames as well as too many video games I embraced roleplaying games at the age of 16 just when Wizards released  4E for my sins. It took me until university to wonder what I was doing playing that system and I switched to Pathfinder whilst dabbling in other systems. I have forever pretty much been the DM in these games and always enjoyed the limitless scope that provided me in crafting game worlds.   I thought it was about time I record my thoughts and growth within the hobby hence this blog.

As a disclaimer everything posted herein is simply my opinion and, while I believe what I am saying is true I am aware there are a myriad of different ways to play roleplaying games, that is the beauty of them after all, so take things with a pinch of salt and happy rolling.