Ashfen NPC’s – The Verdant Dale

Maxwell Bolthorn

Maxwell Bolthorn is a 20 year old human male member of the Bolthorn Noble Family. He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall, has braided red hair and brown eyes.  He fancies himself as an explorer, cad and fine warrior however reality tends to get in the way of this illusion and he in actuality ends up performing stupendously badly much to the ire of his family as he is their eldest son and heir.

Meredith Bolthorn

Meredith Bolthorn is the head of the Bolthorn noble family and grandmother to Maxwell Bolthorn.  She wears her white hair in an elegant bun and is always found splendidly dressed in the latest fashions. Though she acts the part of demure and doting grandmother she is well known for being incredibly cunning, fierce and quick tongued. Many a fool has lost their lives attempting to play a game of intrigue with Lady Meredith.

Urgosh the 1 eyed

An Orc shaman of Grumush who wore a bone circlet upon his head. He led a small raiding pack of Orcs whose job was to capture slaves. He was slain by the bannerfall adventuring guild whilst making camp in the ruins of the Sarkoth wizard guild.  The guild managed to rescue the majority of hostages he and his clan captured from them.

Zaccharia Babbington

Everard found the journal of the young apprentice Zaccharia Babbington within the ruins of Sokarth Keep.

Erelmil Lenwick

Erelmil Lenwick is  a 621 year old High Elf and the former master of the Sarkoth wizard guild. Thought to have died in 1358 when the tower was destroyed. He had long flowing black hair, silver skin, black eyes and an arrogant and haughty manner about his person. He stood 6 foot 6 inches tall.

Drigold Ater

Drigold Ater is a 45 year old halfling trader who leads the consortium of guildmasters in the city of Redwater. Forever having a lust for adventure she travels the land looking for the most valuable of places and resources to extend the reach of her guild, the Hummingcloak Trading Guild.

She has long, wavy, blond hair, golden skin , stands 3 foot 10 inches tall and has blue eyes. She has a small tattoo of a treble clef upon her arm and a love of music.

Banain Brightmaker

Bainain Brightmaker is an 87 year old hill dwarf miller who lives within the town of Hogsfeet with his two halfling companions, Bip and Bop. Bop likes fighting and Bip likes dancing.  He spends his crafting time processing the villages grain. He has a hatred of orcs and goblins which in part is why he was captured by a raiding band of Orcs in the year 1378, as he sullied out to fight them rather than hiding within his mill.

He has braided hair, brown eyes, rough brown skin, a long bird and stands 4 foot 9 inches.

Lali Pebbleback

Lali Pebbleback is the grizzled mountain Dwarf guildmaster of the bannerfall adventuring guild. Her role is to make sure the various adventurers that make up her guild are provided with missions and the means to complete them. She hopes to restore the guild to its former glory one day.

She has short, straight, auburn hair and green eyes, rough, golden skin and stands 4 foot 10 inches tall with an incredibly broad build. She has an extra thumb on her left hand. She proudly worships  She proudly worships Gorash, the Primordial, God of earth, solidity, changelessness and oaths. (True Neutral). She is always prepared for a conflict and has a matter of fact manner about her, the only time this cracks is after a good job well done where she will drink and play hard to celebrate.

Nahine Arathay 

Nahine is the leader of the Circle of the Moon druids within the Azure Forest. She is a 550 year old Wood Elf.  She has long, wavy , black hair and brown eyes. She has rough, pockmarked, golden skin. She stands 5 foot 5 inches tall.  She is loyal, courageous and committed to her friends and her circle until the day she passes from this realm.