Ashfen Pantheon

Here is a list of some of the deities that are worshipped throughout the land of Ashfen. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and many other deities exist beyond those mentioned here.

  • Azur – god of light, the sun and healing Lawful Good, Light domain , Creation, Sun (brother of Arus)
  • Gauntlet – god of order , law and justice. Lawful Neutral, War domain
  • Dantus – protector god of the dead.   Lawful Neutral. Death Domain
  • Felesa, goddess of the harvest. Neutral Good. Life Domain.
  • Jono– Hermaphrodite god of trickery, two faces, one male, one female. Chaotic Neutral. Trickery Domain
  • Mestix, God of Secrets,chaotic neutral, trickery domain.
  • Sarkoth – God of pure magic, True Neutral, knowledge domain
  • Maduk – God of Serpents & Dragons. Neutral evil, trickery domain, death domain.
  • Jaxus – God of the Hunt. , Chaotic Neutral, Nature Domain
  • Arus, God of war and pillaging, Chaotic Evil, war domain ( brothe of Azur)
  • Tarax,god of beasts, chaotic neutral, nature domain
  • Oghma — God of knowledge, true neutral, knowledge domain
  • Theron, God of drinking and merriment, Neutral Good, life domain.
  • Nerill, goddess of the storms, chaotic good, tempest domain.
  • Grumush, Orc creator God, Chaotic Evil
  • Wekana– Goddess of the seas, Neutral Good, elven in nature, water domain,
  • Sorum – Dwarf goddess of expeditions, lawful good.
  • Bacchia – Goddess of wine and merriment, Chaotic Good, life domain.