Ashfen Session Log 3

Costine Nort, Half Elf Druid, Alpha Wolf.

Everard Sosa, Human Wizard, in the midst of a crisis of conscience, pretends he doesn’t take advise from a talking book.

Kristian, Human Ranger, ‘boom headshot’, all sneaky like.

Ozwald Percival, Tiefling Warlock, believes a dog is pretty much only for Christmas.

Jess Goldfloom, Human Paladin, Where’s the tarrasque?

The session begins on the 5th day of Jaxus. The party has just explored the cursed house within the village of Hogsfeet and slain the blighted tree creatures within. A calm has settled as the storms have abated in the area. From outside the sounds of chanting grow louder, Kristian picks up on these and investigates to find a priest of Nerill chanting a prayer into the sky. Upon conversation, the priest informed the party of the blight on the land and how this storm is Nerill’s answer to it. The party reveals to the priest the hole in the ground of the house caused by the freak lightning strike during the storm. The priest declared it a warning sign from Nerill herself that dark horrors were approaching. The very water under the house being. The water itself lead to a small well that the family had drawn from.

The party followed the tracks from the house towards Peregrines boathouse and found nobody home. Upon investigation of the small hut that the ferryman lived in they decided to break into his abode. Kristian slid through and found a fairly empty and unassuming house except for a cellar door which when opened revealed a small hidden area beneath. Within was a small amount of gold, including orcish coins as well as some discarded manacles and one half of a wedding ring with a symbol of Felesa upon it. Peregrines boat was also missing. The party took this as enough evidence to suggest that Peregrine was responsible for aiding the Orcs in some manner and took their findings back to Lord Fenwick.

While Fenwick was pleased with their progress he said that some manacles and a few odd coins were no real evidence, manacles could simply be to deal with unruly crew members at sea and Peregrine may have taken some payment in strange coins, likewise wedding rings may be given as payment from the desperate which while perhaps scrupulous isn’t enough to convict a man.

He asked that the party investigate further, to find out specifically who was working with the orcs, why they were doing it and what the orcs wanted with all these slaves, the party, however, felt they had done their job and so asked. He said he could not spare horses but did offer them some more gold for the job which they accepted.

The party decided to travel towards the priests of Nerill on the bank of Lake Tranquil, around 3 days south of the village. They suspected that these may be involved and in either respect, it may lead them to Peregrine. They stopped at the inn first and found that the small Dretch pet of Ozwald, known colloquially as ‘Pringles’, had been consuming whole pigs at the rate of a lapsed vegan and looked to be about to literally burst.

The party, considering this an ill omen, attacked the creature. This onslaught was enough to cause and a number of smaller Dretches burst from its stomach which was fortunately all dispatched before they managed to enter the inn itself. That small kink dealt with the party rested then ventured forth deciding to take the road rather than brave the wilderness route.

Upon the first day of the journey they went past a shrine to the goddess of travel which provided a good rest stop. On the second day, they spotted a magician performing tricks on the road. Costine noted that as the magician distracted them children within the crowd were picking the pockets of those in the crowd. She and the rest of the adventuring party didn’t care much however and moved on. The third day of travel took the party off road into the Azure woods and as they rested for the night a huge pack of wolves prowled their way into the camp looking for food. Costine morphed into her Dire Wolf form and bared her teeth at the pack who seeing that she was undoubtedly the stronger slowly backed away into the woods and night in search of easier prey.

Morning took the party to the camp of the priests, a small., circular encampment.

There they met Enwen Orren, a Lizard woman who greeted the party and bid them rest. The party had many questions about the strange omens and their quest to find out

She informed them that the priests here were trying to build a shrine to Nerill on the bank, however, a group of. There was a schism in the camp as a result, she believed they should find a way to put the dead to rest as this would please Nerill the most. Her fellow priest, Victoria Fenwick, believed the only way to put the dead down would be through the cleansing power of ice and lightning as is the way of the priests. Their leader a half-orc by the name of Kurbag had yet to make a final decision.

She gave them a scroll that would freeze undead in place for 1 minute allowing them to investigate the area and bid that they do the right thing and give the dead peace. She offered them all potions of healing in return for doing so.

The party approached the area and found a small, upturned ferry boat and the unbuilt foundations of a shrine. As soon as they got close to the ferry boat 5 undead, 3 were rather small and 2 were humanoid in shape. They were unnaturally fast and attacked quickly attempting to pull the party down into the depths with them. The party reacted and, slaughtering one of the smaller undead who eerily resembled a little girl. This was when Kristian remembered the scroll and cast it freezing the rest of the dead in place. This gave the party enough time to investigate the area. They found another small wedding ring in the wreckage, as well as a few trinkets and belongings which seemed to be from the same family in the village.

Costine decided to place the wedding rings upon the finger of the 2 larger undead who on closer inspection resembled a man and woman and when she did so the light of Felese appeared and briefly animated them to life and into their forms in life. They informed the party of their plight, how they paid the ferryman to take them from the village when an angry mob attacked them for being plagued and how they hoped to see their family in Redwater. The ferryman betrayed them, the crew attacked and put them in shackles hoping to take them to Orcish taskmasters. A freak storm happened, however, damaging the boat and allowing them to escape in a smaller vessel however the waters were turbulent and they all ended up drowning here in the storm. They pointed the party towards the east to an area near the Rakarth mountains where they knew Peregrine was taking them.

They then faded to rest in the waters once more, finally at peace.

The party visited the priests again, received their healing potions and rested as the priests grew ready to build the shrine.

The party left the priests encampment and followed the trail upriver towards the Grey Peak mountains. Kristian scouted the area. They could see the huge ruins of a Dwarf fortress known as ‘Zarka’ on the mountain, there was a large amount of Orc activity was coming from the area and the party could see Orcs as well as slaves heading down the path towards the south. Among the area as well as a large cloud of smoke towards the east, a set of ruins as well as a henge towards the north. There were further 3 scouting bands of Orcs within the area with Worg companions. Kristian and the party followed one of these and saw that they were circling the area. The party decided to lay an ambush for one of them which was successfully pulled off within a small valley area. The Orcs were surprised and easily cut down by the mixed force of the party bearing down upon them. Upon their bodies, they found some gold as well as a magical axe.

The session ended here on the 8th day of Jaxus. Two more orc bands roam the woods and the party must decide what they will do next.