Ashfen Session Log 4

Costine Nort, Half Elf Druid, tentacle queen.

Everard Sosa, Human Wizard, definitely evil now.

Kristian, Human Ranger, pew, pew.

Ozwald Percival, Tiefling Warlock, grower of beans.

Jess Goldfloom, Human Paladin, commander of squid monsters, probably shouldn’t consider a career in child psychiatry.

The session began on the afternoon of the 8th of Jaxus, 1379, within an area that bordered the Azure woods and Grey Peaks. The party was tracking a ferryman from the of Hogsfeet who they now had strong evidence to suspect was involved in the Orcish atrocities.

The party took a moment to rest, heal and think within the forest.  They identified the magical, black axe which they found upon the bodies of the dead Orcs to be a +1 vicious great axe which would provide a 3x bonus to crit. Kristian took the axe from the floor and claimed it as his own.  Within the area they found themselves in they could sense the presense of two more hunting packs of Orcs, neither of which had noticed them as of yet. They could also see the great ruins of the dwarf fortress and a small stream of Orcs coming from its great gate upon the mountaintop.

They had captured one poor Orc as a hostage and began to interrogate him. He spilled the beans pretty quickly and informed the party that the boatman they were looking for was east down the river, just over a hill and towards the lake in a small cabin. They thanked him for his cooperation by killing him.

The party heeded his directions and headed towards the east. They soon found peregrines boathouse as well as the large ferry ship with around 6 crew members working upon it. Costine turned into a raven and scouted the area, she peered into the window of the ferrymen’s hut and saw that it was empty but could hear a banging sound coming from the cellar.

Ozwald snuck towards the house and planted one of his magic beans, however, was not quite sneaky enough and was caught out by one of the crewmen who called out to him. He turned invisible but the crew member took this as suspicious enough to sound the alarm and the crew became alerted and grabbed their weapons and began to fan out in the search. This noise also attracted one of the Orc packs into the vicinity who were around a minute or so away. The ferryman himself also came out of the house to see the commotion.

The party acted quickly and attacked. Costine in her raven form flew over to the ship where the crew were and transformed into a wolf attacking them fiercely. Kristian, Everard, and Ozwald exchanged fire with the men on the boat, with the aid of a handy grease spell. Kristian went down in the fight but was revived by one of Everard’s potions.  Ozwald managed to knock out the ferryman with his longsword and tie him up. Jess barrelled towards the boat and used her javelin to good effect on the men. The combat was ended with a bang as Ozwald cast a shatter at the men killing nearly all of them and Costine in wolf form mopped up the rest.

Knowing that a pack of Orcs was approaching them fast the party decided to take up a defensive position on the boat they had just liberated, dragging poor Peregrine the boatman along with them.

The Orcs arrived in a large wave of ferocious warriors and worg companions. The worgs ran out ahead of the pack and leaped violently onto the boat, one fell but the other landed and began to attack. Costine leaped off of the boat in her wolf form, killed the Worg still left floundering in the water and

Jess jumped off of the boat and attacked the large mass of Orcs.

The bean sprouted into a statue which began to mock Ozwald about his statute, his lack of ability to keep pets alive and the fact he’s likely to be dead soon as the statue alerted the final pack of Orcs to the party’s presence.

The party took this as a good suggestion to sail off into the sunset. That was after they saved the crew who Kristian rescued from the basement of the cellar where the banging noise was coming from. 8 hostages were kept within 5 men, 2 women, and a small boy.

6 of the hostages formed a crew of another sailing ship on the lake which was destroyed by the ferryman and his Orcs with the crew being captured. The captain, a burly, black-haired man by the name of Anin, was happy to sail the ship for them as fast away as possible.

They set off quickly on the boat as the Orcs came to the bank and gesticulated to them angrily. It was around 2 days journey back and the party used their time for various different endeavors. Costine took a crack course in sailing raising her skills in being able to sail. Jess decided to console the lone little boy on the boat but inadvertently made him burst into tears instead as she reminded him of the deaths of his family. He said that his family were within the ruins of the Dwarf fortress, slaves to the Orcs,  and he was separated from them.  The rest of the party investigated the various items they had gathered so far and made idle chat with the crew.  One of these items was a ritual dagger which could be used as a one-off to summon a demon but required a human sacrifice to do so.

On the second night, a dark vision came to all the party members, a face made of fog taunted them that their deaths would be with them soon and screaming from the deck woke them up.

As they rushed on deck they saw a horrific abomination descend upon them. It had great, leather wings and a mass of tentacles. Everard consulted his Pokedex  book of vile darkness and it whispered elements of the creature’s physiology to him. This creature has a horrific screech that can cause those who hear it vomit, can spew forth poison spores, can’t be easily harmed by weapons that aren’t magical and is entirely immune to poison.

The creature flew over the deck and sprayed its poisonous spores on the party causing multiple members to spasm and choke.

Ozwald, Everard, and Kristian all sent bolts of magic or arrows at the beast and the crew of the ship joined in with the salvo.

Costine transformed into a raven and snuck onto the creatures back ready to strike.

Jess commanded that the creature-land and it flew on to the deck which put it in range of her sword and Kristian’s axe which took a toll on it. It let out a terrible screech in response stunning most of the party and then flew away ready to strike once more.

Costine was still upon the creatures back and took this moment to transform into a giant octopus, she lashed out at the creature and strangled it to death in a tentacly mass of tentacles.

Within the mass of the creature, Costine found a Pearl of Power which she claimed herself for the great victory over the creature.

The party then ruthlessly interrogated Peregrine hanging him off the boat and near-drowning him in the water as well as threatening to cut pieces off of him until he broke. He spilled the beans and informed the party that he was a servant of Lord Makka, that the hostages were meant to be a blood sacrifice to their god Jubilex and that Lord Makka is building something magnificent towards the south in the Ash Fens and when complete will reign bloody horror upon the Verdant Plains.

The rest of the journey went peacefully and the party arrived back at the village of Hogsfeet. A crowd soon gathered as they docked in the ferry port and when the crowd realised that Peregrine was with them and was a traitor demanded his head on a spike. Everard used a shatter to scare the crowd back and Kristian used the moment to frighten them away.

Everard snuck away with Peregrine tied up as the rest of the party made their way through the crowd as Lord Fenwick had now arrived and invited them to his manor to eat and talk.

Ozwald knew hints of Everard’s plan but reasoned the ends perhaps justified the means and that Peregrine was not a man worth feeling sympathy for. The rest of the party were unaware entirely and assumed he was securing Peregrine as a prisoner.

Everard performed a vile blood ritual on the tied up Peregrine in the abandoned house stabbing him with the ritual dagger that he once possessed. Upon its success a demon of shadow crawled out of Peregrines body as his mortal form perished. Everard sent the demon to hunt Lord Makka himself and it obeyed happily for the mortal blood he had spilled.

The party informed Lord Fenwick that they caught Peregrine the boatman and told them of the evidence they had now of his collusion with the Orcs. Lord Fenwick looked forward to bringing him to justice which the party deflected in this conversation.

The gravest news was that the town of Hogsfeet would be under attack again, it was seen as a vulnerable and ripe target, likely due to its position near the lake which allowed the ferry of Orcs to land and attack and the fact that Lord Mortling and his military force had been mysteriously absent for so long. There was only around 15 militia to defend the village along with Fenwick and his small retinue of Knights.

Hence Lord Fenwick offered them the boat they recovered in exchange for helping to protect the village.

The party does not have long now. Perhaps as little as 3 days until the Orcs arrive to attack the village in full force. Will they manage to defend it or will it fall to the Orcs and the power of Lord Makka?