Do you want to play D&D?

I am currently running 2 games on Roll 20. You can join these below.  I also offer games in person if you’re based in London. I charge a fee that ranges from £10 – £20 per person, per session depending on the complexity of the game.

For all queries about games please contact or send me a message on twitter @lines_panny

Do you and your group want to play the D&D campaign you have always dreamed of playing? Join this game

Do you want to learn how to play D&D? Join this Lost Mine of Phandelver game.


Want to play in person and based in the London area?

I am available to run a game for you and your group. Please contact me with a little bit about yourself and what you’re interested in playing and I’d be happy to accommodate.

Please send me a message by e-mail at or on twitter @lines_panny