Neverwinter D&D Campaign Session 2.



It was the 19th day of Elisias in the city of NeverWinter at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. It was a bright but cold day with a fierce chill wind blowing from the northern mountains at the spine of the world. The party , a snow white Birani Bard by the name of Sharia, a 6 foot 6 Half-Orc barbarian covered in tattoos of his tribe by the name of Thokk and a 6 foot 7 tall Wood Elf Ranger by the name of Mila with her faithful badger companion Tommy and Bronwyn a Drow Rogue with braided hair and white skin, were recovering from their battle with the city rebels that ambushed the town guard upon the Winged Wyvern bridge in the midst of a protest.

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