Neverwinter D&D Campaign Session 1.


It was the 19th day of Elisias in the year of the Warrior  Princess 1489 DR, at around 9 o’clock in the morning. A fierce chill wind blows from the north which means those who favour the use of ranged weapons will have the distance of their arrows flights reduced.

The party, a snow white Birani Bard by the name of Sharia, a 6 foot tall human Paladin of Torm by the name of Auron, a 6 foot 6 Half-Orc barbarian covered in tattoos of his tribe by the name of Thokk and a 6 foot 7 tall Wood Elf Ranger by the name of Mila with her faithful badger companion Tommy and Bronwyn a Drow Rogue with braided hair and white skin all met together outside the City of Neverwinter amongst a large throng of people attempting to enter the safest area of the city.  The Protector’s Enclave.

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